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5 BUCKET LIST Campsites in FLORIDA | Florida Camping | RV Travel

We are checking out five bucket list campsites in Florida that need to be on your list. https://outsideinaspen.com/best-avalanche-airbags/ from these campsites are incredible: it's going to be exciting. Let'S get going [ Music ] first up is site 27 from Lake Louisa State Park just outside of Orlando and Clermont Florida. This is an incredible site. It is a pool through site, so it's very popular lots of space. That'S a big deal to most people and you don't feel like you're neighbors right on top of you. The views from this site are tremendous. This is the best view out to the lake at Lake Louisa State Park from any campsite. You can see right there. The dock that goes out behind your campsite, we'll get you a view from that dock. In just a second and, of course, the cypress trees are just gorgeous as well. The sunsets are tremendous out in Lake Louise, a state park site 27 Lake Louisa State Park, [ Music ]. Next up, we have site 11 in Trimble Park. This is a County Park in Mount Dora Florida. This is part of the Orange County Parks system and it's just the most amazing Lakeview site that you're gon na get with the space to go along with it. I mean you can see right here, big grill area. You almost don't even see the campers next door. It just feels like you're on a lakefront property, one of the best lakefront sites. I have ever camped at just tremendous views for the morning and, of course, sunset and we'll show you a glimpse of both of those here in just a minute, but this is a site you have to put on your list site 11 Trimble Park in Mount Dora. [, Music ], you [, Music, ] next up is site. Eighteen at Coral Sands RV Resort. This campground is just ten minutes south of gamble, Rogers State Park, but I'm telling you the sights have a better view from Coral Sands than they do that State Park. You can actually see the beach from these campsites a little pricier, but I totally think it's worth it. We back the RV up, stop short ten feet. We have this whole section to ourselves, you're, looking at the view right here from site 18. Just incredible and Coral Sands has a hotel Tower, and so you can see basically the RVs coming up here on the beach from that tower in a second. But you get to use the pool amenity, which is a nice amenity to have when camping at the beach. So this is site. 18 coral Sands RV Resort in Ormond Beach, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Next up is site 203 from Fort DeSoto Park in st. Petersburg Florida. Most people know about Fort DeSoto as a campground, because they have lots of waterfront sites. This has been our favorite, our go-to I've camped here three times. It'S just amazing, and really it's got the most expanse of any of the campsites there at Fort DeSoto. I mean that's an amazing view right out to the Gulf through that pass right in front of there just awesome. So this is an incredible campground as well. You have to take a trip within the park up to North Beach. I'Ll show you a little clip of that in a second. The beach is incredible at four to Soto, but this site is amazing: lots of expanse on the water. You can put up the hammocks right there between the palm trees and take all in sight 2:03 fort de Soto Park. [ Music ] we're gon na head on down to the keys now for our last bucket list campsite and, of course, we're headed to Bahia Honda State Park site 16. If you have not seen the sites here of a Kia Honda, they are amazing. They have many of them on the water site. 16. Is our favorite you it's wide enough. You could almost pull your RV in parallel to the water. If you were thirty feet or less, you could definitely do it. The views from site 16 are the best. They are amazing, you see both bridges perfectly. The sunsets are there that are amazing as well and, of course, the beach at Bahia. Honda is just spectacular. You'Ve got to put site 16 on your bucket list, site 16 bahia honda state park. We hope you enjoyed this. Look at five campsites that you need to put on your bucket list if you did give us a thumbs up down below. If you have a campsite, that's on your bucket list in florida that we need to know about put it down in the comments below as well. Hopefully you subscribe to the channel and keep up with us on all these adventures and until next time get out there and get camping, [ Music, ]
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